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Skin Cancer Treatment Tinley Park

At Dermatology Associates we provide the most comprehensive and technologically advanced options currently available for the treatment of skin cancers at our Tinley Park and Palos Heights, IL. We offer surgical and noninvasive techniques and our providers are focused on discussing various treatment options that result in a patient-centered outcome to achieve ultimate success.

In choosing a center for your skin cancer treatment it is important that the providers include fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons who are members of the ACMS (American College of Mohs Surgery), experts in the Mohs technique, and the management of cutaneous oncology. At Dermatology Associates, we have two fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons (Vivek Iyengar, MD, and  MD, Ph.D.)

Mohs or Microscopically Controlled Surgery

Skin cancers may be effectively treated by several different methods. The treatment of each skin cancer must be individualized, taking into account the type, size, and location of cancer, the patient’s age, and whether or not cancer has been treated before. Microscopically controlled surgery was developed by Dr. Fredrick Mohs in the 1940s as a more precise way to remove skin cancers.

Before and after picture of skin cancer

Of all forms of treatment for skin cancers, Mohs surgery offers a cure rate of 98-99%, the highest of any technique available. The technique has been refined over the years to the point where the skin cancer is now removed and examined under the microscope for any remaining tumor almost immediately. The basic principle behind the Mohs technique is to remove the entire skin cancer without taking any more normal skin than is absolutely necessary.

Mohs Treatments, before and after.
a series of three pictures highlighting a mohs treatment. In the first, a man with a blemish. The second, that same man with the offending blemish cut out. In the third, he is fully healed on his lip.

A series of three photos in which a woman is receiving a mohs treatment on her right cheek. In the first, the blemish has been circled and shown. In the second, her cheek has been cut and the offending cancer remove. In the last, her cheek is healing nicely.

In addition, Dermatology Associates is the only practice in the area that offers noninvasive superficial radiotherapy as an option for surgical treatment in carefully selected cases.

Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT)


Superficial Radiotherapy before and after:

Superficial Radiotherapy. In the first, an older gentleman has his blemish circled and removed. In the second, he has recovered, and is smiling.
Superficial Radiotherapy Before (Left) and After (Right)

Superficial Radiotherapy. A series of two photos. A man has a blemish on the left side of his nose. In the second photo, his nose has healed up, though a faint scar remains on his nostril.
Superficial Radiotherapy Before (Left) and After (Right)

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